Antony N Britt – A Brief History

As a child, Antony spent many hours writing and drawing comics (which his dad then threw away), keeping a diary (which his friends and family read, even though they weren’t supposed to) and getting bad marks at school for written work which was not as requested because he could never do as he was told.

His love of writing was put on hold for fifteen years during a marriage which he now puts down to being a bad dream. The plus side to this partnership, though, was the addition of a further four Britts in the shape of his children. However, even though he adored all of them, parenting took it’s toll on the writing. There was one short foray back into the world of literature in the shape of an appalling first four chapters of a ghost story called 16 Harrington Street. This is probably still in existence on a floppy disc along with his old Amstrad CPC464, somewhere up the loft with all the other crap he keeps.

In 2004 he took up writing once more after a life-changing event, this being a complete depression breakdown. He wrote endless poems during a prozac induced 2005, much of which he thought appeared to be happening to somebody else.

In early 2006 Antony set up a blogging account on Myspace, posting views on life, more inane poetry and the occasional short story. The Empty Souls blog soon became popular within the Myspace community and increased tenfold with his weekly column, The Sunday Roast. The Roast ran every week for two years and then sporadically after 2010 when Myspace committed suicide by disregarding blogs and concentrating on music and trashy entertainment. People left in hordes, Antony N Britt (under the guise of Empty Souls) among them. The last Sunday Roast appeared 18 September 2011 but reappeared here in 2012, running for a couple more years until Antony, well … became bored with it.

In 2011, he quit work to become the full-time carer for his heavily autistic son, combining the role with spending more time writing. In reality, the caring took up most of his life but he found time to win competitions in Writing Magazine (twice) followed by publication of over twenty short stories and poems, plus a number of articles in various magazines.

In 2015, he wrote two short sketches for Heroes and Sweethearts, a show to commemorate 70 years since VE Day.

Finally, in October 2015, the long awaited novel, Dead Girl Stalking was released.

Antony is also known for writing to newspapers or websites and getting his views published there. In the main, making a nuisance of himself with subversive acts of fighting a worthwhile cause, particularly in disability rights concerning autism as a result of the caring role he undertakes with his son.

He still doesn’t do as he’s told, but lives by the philosophy of rather being happy than right.

March 2016

Empty Souls has left his home, and found a place where he belongs.