Where are we this week …?

I’m writing this on Friday and setting it to auto post as I’m doing a double shift of 48 hours this weekend and I’m unable to do much apart from check the app on my phone (See how with it I am in regards to technology).

Yes I know, it’s Father’s Day today but to be honest, I usually find that more depressing when my lot forget it each year. Maybe one day.

But as for yesterday and today, I’m trapped!

June 16 - In Jail Monopoly

So … while you read this, I’m hard at work while sipping the occasional bottle of Coke.

Have you seen the new thing Coca Cola have launched? The Friends Bottles. Now when I first heard about it, I wondered why they were going with a sitcom which finished ten years ago. I know Friends was brilliant, but it’s old.

June 16 - Friends TV Show


Oh …

So, it has nothing to do with the TV series. Apparently, each bottle has the name of a person on and you choose which friend you want to drink with.

June 16 - Coca Cola Friends Bottles

Okay … It worked with this one above. You see that’s my son’s name. But have you thought what it’s like for us OCD folk? I have four children. How could I buy one name and not do the same for all of them? And then you have the sticking point. Yeah, I’m okay with buying names like Neil, Dawn, Amy and Mike and Rich, they’re my friends. However, what if I go into a shop and the only ones there are called Jeff. I’m not buying Jeff. Why would I? Jeff’s a twat. I’m not sharing a bloody drink with him.

Bit of an own goal by Coca Cola, restricting which bottles you may want to pick up. Then we have the kids in their lunch breaks. It was always bad in my day in a crowded shop as some idiot went, ‘I want one of those …. and one of those …. Oh, wait, let me think …’ Half-an-hour’s pause. ‘Oh yes, and I want one of those …’

Can you imagine the queue in the local convenience store as these little adults try to pick and choose which friends they haven’t fallen out with that day.

I’ll stick to Pepsi.

But that’s enough about me. Here is the news …

And a big question.

Alleged comedian, Russell Brand is set to appear as a panelist on debating show, Question Time.

April 8 Brand

Really? The only question I ever have surrounding Russell Brand is why anybody finds him remotely funny or interesting.

A bad case of wind.

Apparently, it is now far harder to get planning permission to build a wind farm than it is to build a nuclear power plant.

June 16 - Wind Turbine

Doesn’t surprise me, but I don’t know what the issue is. I think they look good and it’s quite therapeutic to sit and watch them go round. Did anybody ever have a problem with traditional windmills like those in old Amsterdam? No, they didn’t.

However, you try and put a wind farm up today and everybody in the neighbourhood is up in arms about them being a blight on the land.

‘Nooooo!’ they squeal. ‘Not in my back yard.’

I find it amazing that something which is good for the environment is deemed to be an eyesore and unwanted, yet nobody seems to notice or give a flying fig about the spiders web network of electricity pylons wrapped around the country. Many of which are in urban residential areas.

June 16 - Cat's Head Pylon

Nowt as strange as folk and what they object to.

And that’s a wrap.

I’ve been promising myself since Christmas I will try to stick the roast on a diet. Under 700 words this week. Well, it will be if I stop waffling.