An explanation.

You will have noticed of late, I’ve done a bit of re-posting of my old Myspace blogs as they were hard to find these days. However, they are totally impossible to view now as new Myspace has deleted them all. It’s a good job I have the original texts. I shall blog about Myspace in the week but for now, a trip down memory lane and what I was doing four years ago on the Sunday Roast.

Okay, the story so far …

The Sunday Roast that week, like now, was done while watching England play Australia in the Ashes.

Aug 2 - The Ashes

I was also forced to listen to Matthew, Eleanor and David run riot in their attempts to wreck the house they had just helped tidy.

Also, we were in the middle of the now famous swine flu outbreak and David had only just recovered from it. It was a worry at the time, but this is how I told the story of my attempts to get his medicine.

Medicinal mission (Originally posted 2 August 2009).

I had to go out last week to pick up David’s dose of Tamiflu anti-viral medicine to combat the swine flu. To get it, I made my way to a medical centre and collected along with dozens of other people who had relatives with this flu virus.

As I sat there, I noticed people appeared to be staring at me, and I didn’t know why. That was until I twigged. I was wearing my Manic Street Preachers tee-shirt which had the logo of the album along with the title in large letters which read, Journal for Plague Lovers.


The tee-shirt is actually the one I wear in my website header photo.


Talk about inappropriate to use during an epidemic, though.

And back then, after seeing my son through his illness … (Originally posted 2 August 2013).

After a really bad night on Sunday which I spent looking after David (setting the alarm to wake me every hour), I returned from work on Monday to an evening free as David was staying at his Mom’s in order to give me some rest.

I attempted to have a nap after getting home but could I settle? Could I hell as like.

I lay and tried to relax, but all I could hear were the noises the house appears to make.

Click … crack … crack-crunk. Click … click … crack-crunk … crack. Thump, crack … crack-crunk … thumpty crack-crunk … thump.


I jumped out of bed, totally unsettled and as relaxed as a breakdancer on acid.

Picture the scene. I am there, stark naked, standing between the bathroom and my bedroom on the landing with the other two bedroom doors open, desperately poised to detect where the bloody hell these irritating noses were coming from.

Nothing, not a bloody sound as I wait three minutes before tentatively creeping back to bed and attempting to settle down once more.

Ahhhhh, I thought.

Crack-crunk … crack … crack.


Perhaps it was because I was wound up at the time. Nothing like that happens now, does it?



Also at the time … (Originally posted 2 August 2009)

Okay, so I may not have succumbed to the Swine Flu, or gone mad with the creaking of my house, but it didn’t stop me from getting a bout of stomach problems as my insides appeared to imitate a washing machine on a full wash cycle.

Therefore, while my digestive system was doing a long program of delicate coloured fabrics with pre-wash, I was desperately trying to find something to relieve it.

I took some Gaviscon, but that is yuk, in particular.

Aug 2 - Gaviscon

At least it’s better than when it used to be gooey pink as I was never quite sure whether to drink or clean the windows with it. I then tried Tums, but had to give up as they taste so nice and I didn’t want to OD on them. Therefore, for the first time since I was five, I had some Milk of Magnesia. God, that took me back a few years, and it still tastes bloody disgusting.

Aug 2 - Milk of Magnesia

It could have been worse at the time. I could have taken Andrew’s Liver Salts. Now there’s an experience. Never try to swallow those fizzy bubbles while inhaling through you nose. Ugh!

And finally, Cyril … (Originally posted August 4 2009).

Aug 4 - Cyril Fletcher.

Now here’s a bit of advice to leave you with. When you make a cup of tea late at night, don’t make it in the semi darkness using the light from the nearby living room, especially if your fridge light doesn’t work, either.

You see, my plastic bottles of milk are the same design as Banana Yazoo milkshake and can be mistaken as such.

Aug 2 Yazoo Milkshake

Mmmmm, that was nice (he says sarcastically). Why don’t I try yoghurt on toast next time to go with it?

And back to the present day.

Hope you enjoy these old Myspace blogs. I like to let them live again, seeing as Myspace are intent on obliterating them.