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Hi, everybody.

Another dip into the archives this week and more material from my lost Myspace blogs (Thanks, Myspace). I’ve also been having a think on how long I actually want to do these roasts and is it time for a break. Still, for now, this was what I was doing three and four years ago.

A 2009 welcome (Originally posted on Myspace, September 2009)

Hello all and welcome to this weeks Sunday Roast as I sit in my bedroom and wonder … What the hell was that noise which sounded like huge chunks of rubble falling down the cavity between the plasterboard and outer brickwork? Disturbing, I’ll say. As a result of that, if this roast ends abruptly, then you’ll know my house has collapsed.

I think the noise may have resulted due to some small animal inside the body of the building. I have a loft above me where I have piled all my clutter of the last few years. I really must get up there one day and start a good old clear out. However, I am a little apprehensive about what I may find up as I’m sure I used to have a cat.

Sept 8 - Cat © Antony N Britt

Now once again, history repeats. Only yesterday, I heard something grinding in the walls. Trouble is, the house is in a block of three. Rodents can get in anywhere. I know they’re not in the house, but I’m afraid … I may have to venture to check if the poison is still intact.

Sept 8 - Loft © Antony N Britt

Dare I enter the loft of doom?

All an illusion … (Originally posted on Myspace, September 2009).

Sept 8 - Jigsaw © Antony N Britt

Okay, while up the loft, I found this jigsaw. It reminded me of another piece which was in a roast about the same time as the last.

While out shopping this week, I spent ages in a novelty shop looking at a Magic Eye book. You know, the books which are full of optical illusion pictures that you have to focus on to see the hidden images.

Sept 8 - Magic Eye

I could have bought the entire shop, it was so good. It also had loads of mind baffling jigsaws which would have ended up scattered around the house when I got frustrated with them. I remember one of these scenes I did once, it was all bloody green! Mind you it wasn’t as bad as that Sahara Desert one I attempted as a kid. Hours trying to piece the bloody bits together before my mom came in shouting, ‘Will you put the cornflakes back in the box.’

Songs which irritate. (Originally posted on Myspace, September 2009).

I was walking around a shop this week and they were playing the song Up Up and Away (in a beautiful balloon) by 5th Dimension.

Sept 8 -Fifth Dimension - Up Up and Away

Now I never realised how much I hated that song until I heard it after many years. It gave me horrendous flashbacks to the sort of light entertainment radio programs I had to endure at home on a Sunday when I was a kid before being hurled kicking and screaming to Church. Arrrggghh!

The other one I hated from that time was Leaving on a Jet Plane. Now I can see a theme starting here. I reckon it was from an early age of being force fed these atrocious songs which resulted in my fear of flying.

Only I could be traumatised by middle of the road Pop.

And it is true, I really do hate flying. I know the odds but believe me with my luck, if I climb aboard a plane, it will crash. It’s why I don’t travel abroad. Yes, I could go by water but even then, I bet an plane would hit the boat.

Clowning around (Originally posted on Myspace, September 2010).

Street entertainers, why do they do it? Nobody likes them and we all cross the road to avoid having to encounter them. It’s the same as clowns. Bad enough being a clown, but what type of person paints his face and goes onto the high street and accosts children with funny shaped balloons and asks if they want to play with his rubber sausage? I wont really say what sort but in the UK, we have a register for them.

Sept 8 - Creepy Clown

Then you get those folk who think it’s highly hilarious to paint their body and remain motionless all day. What the hell induces folk to dip themselves in a gigantic tin of Dulux, then stand still for six hours?

Sept 8 - Painted Man in York © Antony N Britt

Entertaining? It’s as much fun as watching paint dry.

And now …

That’s all for this week’s re-runs. I’m thinking of taking a break from roasting. May be here next week, maybe not. We’ll see.




As some will know, before antonynbritt.com, I was a prolific user of Myspace. Now when I say Myspace, I don’t mean the second-rate music streaming service they have now. I’m referring to the days when Myspace gave you what was equal to a ready made website. Here, you could customise it to your desires, fill it with photographs and most important … post blogs.

myspace logo

I was a regular user from 2006 to 2010, a time when I posted over 400 blogs, gaining 100,000 page views and thousands of comments. I regularly topped the Myspace blog charts for the UK but Myspace was more than a blogging platform to me, it was a community.

You had groups, a network of friends, all which formed an integral part of the online family.

Unfortunately, these are now gone.

What happened was the incompetent mismanagement at the hands of the owners – Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation. People left in millions, departing to the more friendly Facebook as Myspace committed suicide. Groups were shut down, users had their profiles forcibly changed and the entire site became a pain to use. My once, pastel blue customised blog was now a generic white with no scope for formatting, the same as everybody else. Not that it mattered. Nobody was still around to read it, anyway.

June 10 Myspace

I continued blogging on Myspace until September 2011. By then, the company was in the hands of pop star Justin Timberlake, a man intent on inflicting masses of streamed music of the banal kind he produces. He was not interested in blogs, nor cared that millions worldwide once lived within the Myspace community.

Users were unimportant … so he killed them.

After setting up this site, I still stepped back for a visit at least once a week, but it was hard seeing the neglect. Pages taking an age to navigate, and much content lost. You could tell the owners didn’t give a damn.

First to go were many of the photos on my blogs, thus rendering the text useless when referring to the pics. At some point last year, all the lovely comments I had received over the years, vanished. Then, in June 2013, Timberlake and co desecrated the grave.

A new Myspace had been launched, but most of the old users still wanted the classic Myspace. They were not interested in the music streaming site Timberlake was forcing on them. If they had wanted it, they would have gone to a half decent one. Still, on June 13, it was reported the entire classic Myspace had gone. Millions of blogs and photos – lost. Also, emails and comments, many of whom were from people now dead, were wiped.

Do they still exist? It was reported that new Myspace were asking users to vote if they wanted them back. How condescending. Complaints flooded in their thousands but the more vociferous ones resulted in simply having their new profiles removed.

What is sad is that I met so many good friends on there. Some have found me, but many will be gone forever. I can think of a number of lovely people from Myspace who have since died. While their blogs were still visible, my friends were so alive. Now, Myspace has trod on and killed them all over again.

Thank you, Timberlake and Myspace. You have pissed on the graves of millions.

Shame on you.

August 4 Timberlake


An explanation.

You will have noticed of late, I’ve done a bit of re-posting of my old Myspace blogs as they were hard to find these days. However, they are totally impossible to view now as new Myspace has deleted them all. It’s a good job I have the original texts. I shall blog about Myspace in the week but for now, a trip down memory lane and what I was doing four years ago on the Sunday Roast.

Okay, the story so far …

The Sunday Roast that week, like now, was done while watching England play Australia in the Ashes.

Aug 2 - The Ashes

I was also forced to listen to Matthew, Eleanor and David run riot in their attempts to wreck the house they had just helped tidy.

Also, we were in the middle of the now famous swine flu outbreak and David had only just recovered from it. It was a worry at the time, but this is how I told the story of my attempts to get his medicine.

Medicinal mission (Originally posted 2 August 2009).

I had to go out last week to pick up David’s dose of Tamiflu anti-viral medicine to combat the swine flu. To get it, I made my way to a medical centre and collected along with dozens of other people who had relatives with this flu virus.

As I sat there, I noticed people appeared to be staring at me, and I didn’t know why. That was until I twigged. I was wearing my Manic Street Preachers tee-shirt which had the logo of the album along with the title in large letters which read, Journal for Plague Lovers.


The tee-shirt is actually the one I wear in my website header photo.


Talk about inappropriate to use during an epidemic, though.

And back then, after seeing my son through his illness … (Originally posted 2 August 2013).

After a really bad night on Sunday which I spent looking after David (setting the alarm to wake me every hour), I returned from work on Monday to an evening free as David was staying at his Mom’s in order to give me some rest.

I attempted to have a nap after getting home but could I settle? Could I hell as like.

I lay and tried to relax, but all I could hear were the noises the house appears to make.

Click … crack … crack-crunk. Click … click … crack-crunk … crack. Thump, crack … crack-crunk … thumpty crack-crunk … thump.


I jumped out of bed, totally unsettled and as relaxed as a breakdancer on acid.

Picture the scene. I am there, stark naked, standing between the bathroom and my bedroom on the landing with the other two bedroom doors open, desperately poised to detect where the bloody hell these irritating noses were coming from.

Nothing, not a bloody sound as I wait three minutes before tentatively creeping back to bed and attempting to settle down once more.

Ahhhhh, I thought.

Crack-crunk … crack … crack.


Perhaps it was because I was wound up at the time. Nothing like that happens now, does it?



Also at the time … (Originally posted 2 August 2009)

Okay, so I may not have succumbed to the Swine Flu, or gone mad with the creaking of my house, but it didn’t stop me from getting a bout of stomach problems as my insides appeared to imitate a washing machine on a full wash cycle.

Therefore, while my digestive system was doing a long program of delicate coloured fabrics with pre-wash, I was desperately trying to find something to relieve it.

I took some Gaviscon, but that is yuk, in particular.

Aug 2 - Gaviscon

At least it’s better than when it used to be gooey pink as I was never quite sure whether to drink or clean the windows with it. I then tried Tums, but had to give up as they taste so nice and I didn’t want to OD on them. Therefore, for the first time since I was five, I had some Milk of Magnesia. God, that took me back a few years, and it still tastes bloody disgusting.

Aug 2 - Milk of Magnesia

It could have been worse at the time. I could have taken Andrew’s Liver Salts. Now there’s an experience. Never try to swallow those fizzy bubbles while inhaling through you nose. Ugh!

And finally, Cyril … (Originally posted August 4 2009).

Aug 4 - Cyril Fletcher.

Now here’s a bit of advice to leave you with. When you make a cup of tea late at night, don’t make it in the semi darkness using the light from the nearby living room, especially if your fridge light doesn’t work, either.

You see, my plastic bottles of milk are the same design as Banana Yazoo milkshake and can be mistaken as such.

Aug 2 Yazoo Milkshake

Mmmmm, that was nice (he says sarcastically). Why don’t I try yoghurt on toast next time to go with it?

And back to the present day.

Hope you enjoy these old Myspace blogs. I like to let them live again, seeing as Myspace are intent on obliterating them.



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