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This was my fourth time seeing Frank Turner and first in an arena venue. And as with previous experiences, one thing you can guarantee from Frank is entertainment. So much energy, the guy and the band keep going at a breath-taking pace, much like Frank’s work schedule.

Frank Turner and the Sleeping Souls – Birmingham Arena – 22 January 2019 © Antony N Britt 2019

We are informed this is show 2299. Now, even if you divide that by his adult years, it still averages out at well over one hundred shows a year. Then you consider the seven studio albums since 2007 and you appreciate the tag of The Busiest Guy in Rock. However, there is a downside. With a huge catalogue of songs, it does mean many of my favourites are left out of a two-hour set. Dammit, I’ve still never heard Father’s Day live!

Still, with each new studio album comes a host of material and 2018s Be More Kind is no exception in quality: 1933, Blackout and Little Changes are but to mention three of these. Mix with the back catalogue and you have a show that delights the fan and hopefully pleases recent converts.

Always great to hear Photosynthesis, Recovery, The Road, Don’t Try This at Home and I Still Believe. Also, my atheist anthem, Glory Hallelujah. Heck, my evening was complete. Well, complete bar Father’s Day, Frank. It was also pleasing to hear Love, Ire and Song, not played for a few years, apparently.

Frank Turner and the Sleeping Souls – Birmingham Arena – 22 January 2019 © Antony N Britt 2019

We had music, crowd surfing, plus a little dance with audience members for the final number, Four Simple Words. I was exhausted merely watching. Good humour and banter along with crowd participation. And an apology for missing Birmingham out last time around. In fact, this was my first reunion with the man in five years as previous local shows have coincided with productions of my own. I hope the next isn’t too far away, probably at this rate, with a new album. And let’s not forget the Sleeping Souls: Ben Lloyd, Tarrant Anderson, Matt Nasir and Nigel Powell, always a magnificent contribution to the show.

The only thing I would note as a minor negative is nothing to do with Frank Turner, it’s just the crowd were not as lively as my previous encounters. This could be to do with a larger arena venue and maybe the energy is less likely to be infectious due to the greater number of people to share it with. I didn’t care. It was a great show by a great showman.

Frank Turner - Be More Kind Signed


Antony N Britt

It’s a sign of a good concert when you find yourself still on a high nearly a week after the event, and that was the case with my trip to see Frank Turner at Wolverhampton Civic Hall. Backed by the excellent Sleeping Souls, Frank treated his Midland audience to a wide range numbers spanning an incredible four studio albums (plus two rarity compilations) in six years, with a fifth due next year. And when he is not laying tracks, Frank takes to The Road, as the title of the 2009 song suggests.

Frank Turner - The Road

Wessex Boy, Reasons Not to Be an Idiot and If Ever I Stray, I just find them so uplifting. Even the ones about death, as in the case of Long Live the Queen, you just want to sing along. The only downside you will experience at a Frank Turner concert is that there are so many excellent songs in his repertoire, you can’t expect to hear all of them in a ninety minute set. Three times now, Frank, and I’ve not heard my personal favourite – Father’s Day. Guess I’ll just have to hope I strike lucky next time you’re in town.

The local crowd played their part too in adding to the atmosphere and I believe at the time, Wolverhampton were heading the table in Frank’s impromptu dance contest for venues while playing Four Simple Words. Audience participation also means you got backing vocals from a few thousand fans at the gig thus anybody sitting in the vicinity of seat C73 – I apologise.

Having said that, I couldn’t help it. I wanted to dance. How could I not? Brilliant poetic lyrics and great tunes. Six days later and I’m still buzzing. Far the best concert I’ve seen this year and I don’t care if my thirteen-year-old sitting in the next seat kept giving me funny looks as I lost the plot.

Apologies for the quality of the photo, but has anybody ever taken a good one from the back of an auditorium?

“I won’t sit down, and I won’t shut up. And most of all, I will not grow up.”

Photosynthesis – Frank Turner.



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