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Well, a sort of break, anyway.

Sept 22 - Llandudno © Antony N Britt

I spent a few days last week taking David on a holiday to Llandudno. You all know David, don’t you? He’s my autistic son who I write about in Living with David posts. Well, I’d promised him a stay in a hotel and you know me, what could possibly happen?

The Great Orme Tramway.

Sept 22 - Great Orme Tramway © Antony N Britt

First thing David wanted to do was take me up the Great Orme Tramway. I believe it’s the only functioning one of its kind in the country and yes, it was a good experience, until time to go down. You see, there is a connection where you get off one tram and embark on the other which travels on the road. Not a problem, until I saw this history board in the exhibition.

Sept 22 - Great Orme Tragedy

What! Tragedy? You mean people have actually died on this? Nobody blooming told me that, and I still had half the journey to complete.

Sept 22 - Great Orme Tramway Hill © Antony N Britt


Thankfully, we reached the bottom in one piece, but some of my stomach contents remained at the top.

Holiday’s are meant to be fun.

Sept 22 - Caravans © Antony N Britt

Why, why would anybody do that?

Yes, I know what’s a good idea, tow a mini version of my own house around with me and do as much work as if I hadn’t left home. I mean, it’s so much better to return to after a day’s sightseeing than a nice comfy room like this with clean towels and my bed made each day.

Sep 22 - Room at Premier Inn © Antony N Britt

Never understood camping or pulling a caravan.

And a trip on the Welsh Highland Railway.

This was David’s request for day two. It’s a lovely railway which goes through Snowdonia and sounded excellent. Well, it did until I saw the train we were going on.

Sept 22 - Welsh Highland Railway © Antony N Britt

Still, there were some nice views.

Sept 22 - Rhyd Ddu Station Welsh Highland Railway

Yes, she did have a lovely backside, and those in the other train taking pictures obviously thought so too, but that’s not really what I meant.

Sept 22 - Snowdonia from Porthmadog © Antony N Britt

There, that was the kind of stunning view I was referring to. Phew! That was taken at Porthmadog. And the scenery elsewhere is the only good thing to be said about Porthmadog.

And some stranger views.

Sept 22 - Weird Ornament in Llandudno © Antony N Britt

Welcome? This has to be the most hideous and unwelcoming thing I have ever seen outside a hotel. Weird, or what?

The language barrier.

I know there is always the chance of communication problems in Wales, especially if the natives speak local, but only I could have a misunderstanding when both myself and proprietor of an eating establishment talk English.

It was a nice little cafe, but we only wanted a drink, despite being offered the full menu. Therefore, I gave my order. A simple tea for me, and a can of coke for David.

The waitress turns to David. ‘And what would you like?’

‘The coke’s for him,’ I reply.

She looks puzzled. ‘So he’s not having a drink?’

My turn to be bemused. ‘Yes, he wants a Coca Cola.’

She tries to work this out. ‘So, you want a tea, a cola, and a carrot cake?’

What? How the bloody hell can asking for a can of coke be construed as requesting carrot cake?’

Next time I’ll write it down.

And talking of food …

The breakfast at Brewer’s Fayre is described as all you can eat. As much as you like. And that seems to be the case … unless you ask for mushrooms.

Every day, I said, ‘Loads of mushrooms. Give me two, three portions.’ I even said on the last day, ‘If you can’t fit them on the plate, bring them in a separate bowl.

This is what I got each day.

Sept 22 - Lack of Mushrooms © Antony N Britt

Grrrr. Since when does seven mushrooms constitute all you can eat? Discrimination against mushroom lovers, that’s what I think.

Out shopping.

Went into Rhyl and bought six books for a tenner. Yeah, as if I need more books to read. I then gave David a choice. ‘What would you like to do?’

‘Go to Wilkinson.’

He’s easily pleased. Still, he directed me as he is more familiar with the town from his time at college. However, I was a bit dumfounded when I tried to get in.

Sept 22 - Wilkinson Rhyl © Antony N Britt

There is no door. What the hell is the point of a frontage with a store sign if you can’t bleeding well get in?

The answer is, you have to go a couple of hundred yards round the corner to a main entrance on the high street. This picture was the rear of the building. But why have it appear as though it is a front?

The Welsh try to confuse me at times.

And home … eventually.

Arrived back after a longer than anticipated journey where traffic kept slowing to 30mph. And we all know the reason, don’t we.

Sept 22 - Lorry Overtaking Another Lorry © David Britt

Yes, lorries taking two hours to overtake another lorry thus hogging the middle lane and restricting the amount of vehicles which can pass.

Arrgghhh! Come the revolution, they will be exiled to the near lane, along with those irritating caravans.



Now this one thing that ticks me off …

What, I hear you say … only one thing? Okay, so everything ticks me off, as regular readers to this blog will testify. However, next Sunday, I’m taking a road trip to Wales to see my son in college and I just know, beyond all doubt, I will come across this.

April 20 - Lorry hogging the middle lane.

Yes, bloody great lorries hogging two lanes as one tries to overtake the other at 0.00001 miles per century faster than the vehicle it’s passing.

Arrrgghh! Lorries, they should be banned from anywhere apart from the inside lane. It’s the same with caravans which slow you down. In fact, why not simply ban caravans, full stop? Okay, I technically won’t encounter caravans next weekend as I’m going to North Wales and as we all know, caravans are towed by Volvos and travel to Weston-super-Mare.

But back to these heavy good vehicles. Tell me the point in taking half an hour to overtake another lorry, only for the former one to reciprocate the lunacy two minutes later?

In the winter, I was driving in very bad weather conditions and I came across two of these cretins. Because of the spray, I couldn’t risk passing in the outside lane for ages until I knew it was safe. When I eventually did overtake them, I didn’t see another vehicle for about three miles because they’d held the traffic up so much.


Another childhood hero goes up in flames.

OMG! Back in January, at a writing group, I did a little piece and reflected on the year of 2012. It was a bit of prose which lamented amongst other things, all those 70s heroes who have now been arrested for messing about with kids. In it, I mentioned that if ever I heard Rolf Harris was involved, I’d abseil naked down the outside of the Walsall Art Gallery without a rope. So … what do you think has happened and who has been named as the latest in the scandal? Yes, you guessed it. Bloody, Rolf Harris.

April 20 - Rolf Harris Swim Video

Innocent till proven, but all those learn to swim videos he made back then ain’t going to help his cause.

Spot the moron.

It seems any idiot can make money, even if you have been found to spout bullshit at the grandest of levels.

April 20 - Andrew Wakefield

Shamed doctor, Andrew Wakefield is seeking to launch a TV career. This is despite sparking a global scare years ago by linking MMR jabs to Autism. I have children on the autistic spectrum. I’m not a doctor but even I know it’s genetic and not caused by the rubbish he says it is. So how is it, even though he is struck off from practicing medicine, he is seemingly allowed to do so in front of a camera? Surely being discredited and banned should mean he is also not allowed to air his views, considering his history.

Amazing. Some US television show hires him to tell people with autism how to cope. Him, whose ideas on autism caused parents not to give their kids vital jabs and therefore put thousands at risk of death.

Banned from practicing medicine? He should be in bloody jail.

Which direction will I find the talent?

Karaoke boyband, One Direction have been immortalised in wax.

No, don’t get your hopes up, the real ones haven’t been dropped in a vat a-la Kenneth Williams where they’ll be screaming, “Frying tonight.”

April 20 - Kenneth Williams Frying Tonight

Unfortunately, the group are the latest to go on display at Madame Tussauds.

April 20 - One Direction Wax Dummies

So, which ones are real and which are wax? Personality taken into consideration, you’d never tell. Even if you stuck 10 instruments in front of them, you wouldn’t know either because despite being a music band, One Direction’s instruments bizarrely play themselves.

Give me strength. I recall the time when only people with talent and mass murderers were allowed into Tussaud’s. What is the world coming to?

Enjoy your Sunday.

I’m off out for a bit. I reckon I’ll take a drive up the motorway and remain in the middle lane, two feet in front of a heavy goods vehicle who wants to overtake.

See, I can be petty, too.



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