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As some will know, before antonynbritt.com, I was a prolific user of Myspace. Now when I say Myspace, I don’t mean the second-rate music streaming service they have now. I’m referring to the days when Myspace gave you what was equal to a ready made website. Here, you could customise it to your desires, fill it with photographs and most important … post blogs.

myspace logo

I was a regular user from 2006 to 2010, a time when I posted over 400 blogs, gaining 100,000 page views and thousands of comments. I regularly topped the Myspace blog charts for the UK but Myspace was more than a blogging platform to me, it was a community.

You had groups, a network of friends, all which formed an integral part of the online family.

Unfortunately, these are now gone.

What happened was the incompetent mismanagement at the hands of the owners – Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation. People left in millions, departing to the more friendly Facebook as Myspace committed suicide. Groups were shut down, users had their profiles forcibly changed and the entire site became a pain to use. My once, pastel blue customised blog was now a generic white with no scope for formatting, the same as everybody else. Not that it mattered. Nobody was still around to read it, anyway.

June 10 Myspace

I continued blogging on Myspace until September 2011. By then, the company was in the hands of pop star Justin Timberlake, a man intent on inflicting masses of streamed music of the banal kind he produces. He was not interested in blogs, nor cared that millions worldwide once lived within the Myspace community.

Users were unimportant … so he killed them.

After setting up this site, I still stepped back for a visit at least once a week, but it was hard seeing the neglect. Pages taking an age to navigate, and much content lost. You could tell the owners didn’t give a damn.

First to go were many of the photos on my blogs, thus rendering the text useless when referring to the pics. At some point last year, all the lovely comments I had received over the years, vanished. Then, in June 2013, Timberlake and co desecrated the grave.

A new Myspace had been launched, but most of the old users still wanted the classic Myspace. They were not interested in the music streaming site Timberlake was forcing on them. If they had wanted it, they would have gone to a half decent one. Still, on June 13, it was reported the entire classic Myspace had gone. Millions of blogs and photos – lost. Also, emails and comments, many of whom were from people now dead, were wiped.

Do they still exist? It was reported that new Myspace were asking users to vote if they wanted them back. How condescending. Complaints flooded in their thousands but the more vociferous ones resulted in simply having their new profiles removed.

What is sad is that I met so many good friends on there. Some have found me, but many will be gone forever. I can think of a number of lovely people from Myspace who have since died. While their blogs were still visible, my friends were so alive. Now, Myspace has trod on and killed them all over again.

Thank you, Timberlake and Myspace. You have pissed on the graves of millions.

Shame on you.

August 4 Timberlake


Do you get plagued by spam?

I remember when the word was associated with foul tasting tinned meat and a sketch by Monty Python. Now, every time I turn on the computer, I am flooded with loads of unwanted junk.

And it’s not just the emails, either. I can get rid of them with my filters. However, every time I look at Facebook, I see adverts which are spam, but in web-designed form.

And some of them are strange, I have to admit.

Take this one, for instance.

January 27 - Lemsip

Lemsip, the citrus flavoured paracetamol drink has it’s own Facebook page.

Lemsip – Why the hell would anybody want to like Lemsip? Apparently, 162,240 people do and a further 6,709 are talking about it.

I mean, to take Lemsip, you have to have a stinking cold and raging temperature. Is that what all these people want?

Madness. Some peculiar folk about.

And it’s not just on Facebook.

My son sent me the link for the next oddity. He was looking at some of the weird things people sell on Ebay and came across this little gem for sale at a starting bid of £0.99.

March 10 - Ebay

The mystery card trick number guessing game. I’m kind of guessing as to why anybody would want to bid for it. I’ve seen them before and this is out of a cheap Christmas Cracker. Not only that, it apparently comes as a job lot.

What … you mean you may want to buy more of them? Still, it does come unused and in its original packaging. Now I wonder why …?

But back to those Facebook Ads …


Zombies are everywhere … apparently. And you can buy this gun to blast them to pieces.

Not so stupid as it sounds. I went shopping in Walsall Town Centre the other day, mainly in pound shops looking for a 2013 diary. To a person, nearly every being I came within half a metre of, wasn’t looking where they were going. They all seem to stare into the air in a complete daze. It was like being on the set of Shaun of the Dead.

And there are even ads when you try to log into Facebook.

Fancy a beardo … WTF?


I thought it was a spoof. A joke, but no. Look on Amazon or any shopping site and you’ll see these peculiar hats for sale. A beardo. But what I want to know is … who in the name of sanity would want to wear something as ridiculous looking as that? Yes, it will keep your face warm, so will a fucking beard, so grow one.

Also, does each beardo come with displayed fashion accessory of artificial baby?

And then there be Apps …

Once you have logged into Facebook, after purchasing your beardo, one of the first things you are bombarded with are requests which require you to install these apps. Now I don’t trust them. I reckon there are some really dodgy ones. Plus don’t anybody send me more of these My Calender requests. I don’t care. I don’t want to know.

One I did try and gave up in boredom halfway through after sampling, was the influential albums app.

March 10 - Influential Albums

Yes, that’s the one. Actually, I do have two of the five shown. Guess which. But as I say, I was about forty into ticking the ones I’d got out of the top 100 and stopped. Why would it matter? It doesn’t. I don’t care what albums are influential to other people, I only care about the ones I like. Yes, I have over a 1000 (though I have culled many to the loft), and out of the top 100 of my favourites, fifty will be spread between half a dozen artists. So why should I like what others think are influential? They certainly haven’t influenced me.

And another ad …

Robbie Fowler

Yes, learn how to be a successful property developer by listening to soccer star, Robbie Fowler’s investment techniques.

Well, earning £100k a week for kicking a ball about gives you a slight edge in the investment market, don’t you think. Not so easy for the rest of us, Robbie.

And finally, we get the dating site.

Not looking to join one. I’m still in relationship rehab. However, I accidentally clicked a link on the Facebook site and came across this.

Facebook Dating

What the hell is Gary Lineker doing using a dating site? Come on … it’s him … it really is. Got to be.



A bit like pulling teeth.

No, this isn’t another bit about people on the Jeremy Kyle Show who have bad teeth. The reason I’m posting a retro picture from a 1980s advert for toothpaste is that I had to go to the dentist the other day. The thing is … dentists – I hate going. The whole procedure is so invasive. On top of that, I’m sure my dentist hates me and took my ex-wife’s side when we divorced. Every time I go, he is far too rough with the scale and polish. Then there’s having a filling. He says having anaesthetic is dangerous these days and I need the drilling without one. I think he’s lying. Come on, I have reason to be worried. Even his name – Mr Carver. It send shivers. I insisted on a jab in the end though, then spent the rest of the day dribbling tea down my shirt as a result.

Still, I needed the filling done and all went well this time, apart from after Mr Carver finished and he asked if I needed to rinse my mouth.

‘Yes please,’ I said, ‘but I’ll have a cup of tea, that pink stuff is disgusting.’

Hmmmm. You know when you’ve said the wrong thing. Talk about no sense of humour. Mind you, with him being a dentist, perhaps it was the two sugars I asked for in my drink which he objected to?

Join the 21st Century, Mrs Wilkinson.

It amazes me that in this age of equality (and supposedly, common sense), there are still narrow-minded bigots clinging onto outdated beliefs based on biblical teachings that are most probably works of fiction.

Michael Black and John Morgan had booked into the Swiss Bed and Breakfast in Cookham, only to be turned away by religious nut, Susanne Wilkinson when she found out the couple were gay.

Quite rightly, John and Michael have received a payout as compensation for being discriminated against but church groups are still smarting. They say Swiss B&B was also Mrs Wilkinson’s home. Yes, she may live there, but when you chose to run your home as a business, you lose the right to impose illegal bigoted stances.

Jumping on the bandwagon and defending Mrs Wilkinson was BNP slime-ball, Nick Griffin. Now there’s a guy, I’m sure even Mrs Wilkinson doesn’t want to be associated with. Slick Nick tweeted in her defence. I took a look at his page and replied, though he hasn’t reacted to me. I did find it amusing and ironic, though to see Nick Griffin use the terms vile and filth … about other people.

Pot, kettle, black?

The Swiss B&B – Not open to homosexuals, lesbians, unmarried heterosexual couples or just about anybody who isn’t a believer of the bullshitting work of fiction, commonly known as the Bible.

And another own goal for God.

Poor George Pratt. All the 11-year-old wanted was to join the Boy Scouts. Unfortunately, he has been refused by the 1st Midsomer Norton Group in Somerset. The reason for this discrimination is that George is an atheist and will not compromise his beliefs. The Scouts say to join, you must pledge allegiance to the Almighty.

What a load of bollocks. It’s bad enough to have to say you’ll do your duty to the Queen to get into the scouts, but at least (unfortunately) a monarchy exists, not like this biblical nonsense. What bearing should that have on a kid wanting to join a youth organisation?

I never progressed to the scouts. I was in the cubs but left after being asked to dress up as a girl for a part in a drama play by a very suspect scout leader. He kept trying to play with my woggle.

A slap in the face for hard work.

Computer company owner, Maneesh Sethi, from San Francisco has employed a woman to keep him from straying onto Facebook while at work. He pays personal assistant, Kara, a wage to slap him every time he goes onto the social network suite. However, I bet Kara wasn’t expecting to come into work the first day and find this …

Personal Assistant … is that what they’re calling BDSM in the workplace, now? Perhaps more companies should try it.

On a different note, you would not believe how many sites I had to trawl to find a clean BDSM picture. Not only that, I got a virus from doing so, too.

And on an even more vague observation, does anybody else get fed up of Live Jasmin popping up every time you want to watch pre-recorded porn on the internet?

Disgraceful scenes.

Saw the appalling treatment given to England’s Under-21 black players by the friendly Serbs the other day. Monkey chants throughout the game followed by thuggish behaviour by a sorry load of sour losers. Of course, the Serbians deny this. A bit like they’ve denied genocide in the past. I’d like to think this is the minority and most Serbs are a decent lot. Unfortunately, there weren’t many in the stadium in Krusevac the other night.

And on the subject of football …

Stoke City footballer, Peter Crouch has been banned from driving after clocking up 21pts for persistently speeding. It’s nice to know the lumbering England forward knows the meaning of speed once in a while. Not only that, 21 points is way more than his team Stoke will achieve before Christmas.

There’s Peter Crouch …

And here’s wife, Abbey Clancy.

Hmmmm … Is it his good looks, stunning personality, or just the kudos for her of being a wag for the fame and the money?

At least the anaesthetic has worn off now …

And my teeth are fine. Not only that, there was hardly a mention in this post about Jeremy Kyle’s orally challenged guests. However, as I have said in the past, my site statistics show that is what half of you have Google searched before arriving at my page. Just to look at pictures of bad teeth. Christ, I’m going to have to satisfy demand again.

There, happy now?



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