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A busy schedule and a road trip.

You may have noticed the absence of a Sunday Roast last week. This was because it was my rest day, and that was smack bang in the middle of the shift pattern from hell. On that day off, I went to see David at his college in Wales and stop over for his review the next day.

After doing a long shift and travelling over 100 miles to see him, though, what does he want? Yes, I have to drive a further 40+ miles as he wishes to ride on the Blaenau Ffestiniog to Porthmadog Railway.

Once there, you’d have thought I’d asked the impossible of the ticket collector when I tried to pay on the train as we had to jump on quick in order to catch it.

It’s a lovely journey, though. Well, it would have been but for the rain. However, this was Wales. It always rains in Wales.

I do admit, I made a mistake now catching that earlier train and opting to spend three hours in Porthmadog as there is … well, nothing there. Totally bugger all to see once you’ve had a look at the trains.

Blaenau Ffestiniog to Porthmadog Railway © Antony N Britt

We did find a half decent cafe to eat in and it was entertaining to watch the young lass on the counter have to pull up her trousers every two seconds as they kept falling down. However, it was soon a case of asking the unheard of, again. David wanted chicken nuggets but the menu only had them as a kids meal. That meant David was only going to be given four of them. I asked if they could do a further four and I’d pay an extra couple of quid but no, apparently that was too hard. I did think of buying two kids nugget meals but by then, it was a matter of principle.

Don’t think I’ll go to Porthmadog again. There was a tiny shed which said that it held the Maritime Museum and there was also a model railway fair, billed as taking place … next week. Couldn’t help laughing at the below attraction which we passed during several walks up and down the street to kill time.

The World's Worst Crazy Golf Course © Antony N Britt

Yes, the world’s most boring and basic crazy golf attraction. It’s a strip of tarmac with a few obstacles stuck on. And I was expected to pay for that? No thanks.

And the traffic rumbles on.

Previously on the Sunday Roast …

I spoke of my irritation on motorways and how I get held up by cretins in heavy goods vehicles who hog the middle lane as they take two years to overtake another heavy goods vehicle in the inside one.


Yes, that sort of thing. It was just a theory when I wrote it but being fresh in the memory and taking my road trip, I kept an eye out and found it’s so true.

Every time I came across a slowing of traffic and a little congestion, I found the answer at the front of the problem. Two bloody lorries playing cat and mouse as they overtook one another.

Arrrggghhh! Keep to the inside lane. You only save a few minutes on your journey by doing this madness and you cause problems for other drivers.

My brain is dying.

The reason – At work, I have had the misfortune to be subjected to Heart FM … at great lengths. Okay, not as bad as some stations but Kerrang, it ain’t. The odd good track but mostly middle of the road bilge. And if there is one song I hate, it’s that Michael Jackson oldie – Smooth Criminal.

May 5 - Michael Jackson Smmoth Criminal

Annie are you okay, are you okay Annie? Annie are you okay, are you okay Annie? Annie are you okay …? And he goes on and on and on, asking the same question.

Annie, for Christ’s sake, just answer the bloody man so we can get on and hear a decent song.

What kind of moron gives a loaded weapon to a five-year-old?

Answer: The kind who is allowed to by law.

Toy ones are scary enough but hey, some folk think they have the right to blow each others brains out. Whatever happened to giving kids a Johnny Seven and be done with it?

May 5 - Johnny Seven One Man Army Toy Gun

And a postscript to Thatcher’s funeral.

May 5 - Margaret Thatcher Spitting Image

I’ve made my feelings clear on the woman without, I hope, stooping to the distaste of some. However, in times of hardship, it was, I think, too much money to be spent on a state funeral for somebody who caused so much misery to the people now forced to fork out once more to bury her.

Apparently it didn’t cost as much as anticipated. For the taxpayer, it was only 6p per person.

Still too blooming much. She took enough off me back in the 80s. I want my money back on this one.

No more road trips for a while.

One .. I’m working. I’m posting this in the spare ten minutes between shifts. Two … David has made sure my fuel allowance for the next month has been eaten up in one big meal. I could raise some money, I suppose. Yeah, to purchase a car park, stick a few loose bricks around it and call it a crazy golf attraction. Sorted.



I’m back …

April 13 - Roast Beef Dinner

It’s been a few weeks, but most of you know the reasons why so I won’t go into them. Now, first and foremost, the Sunday Roast is on a diet. 500 words and I stop. Well, 500 or thereabouts. Okay, 500 and however many I feel like writing after.

So what’s been happening?

I see there appears to be a bit of a ding-dong over a certain record hitting the charts.

April 13 - Ding Dong the Witch is Dead Thatcher

Yes, that grainy photo is taken from the Wizard of Oz and Ding Dong the Witch is Dead, hit number 2 in the charts this week due to the death of Margaret Thatcher.

I wasn’t going to say anything, however, I keep reading articles which tell us to have respect for her. Why? She didn’t have respect for the people whose lives she ruined. Those who faced years of hardship under her rule (me included) and those who lost their livelihood like the workers in the coal industry, the steel industry, and that’s just for starters. Also, I keep hearing talk about our benefit culture by cretins such as Iain Duncan Smith. The thing is, bloody Thatcher is the reason we have this benefit culture. She created a generation brought up on benefits in the 80s. All of those born into this lifestyle are now in their thirties with kids of their own, living in the same system. Thatcher once said, “There is no such thing as society.” Well, she certainly created one society, that’s for sure.

Having said that, Thatcher did give us one thing to look back on with joy. Her caricature Spitting Image puppet.

April 13 - Margaret Thatcher Spitting Image

I can recall it to this day. Thatcher is sitting around the dining table with her cabinet and is asked what she would like for dinner.

‘I’d like steak, raw,’ says Thatcher.

The waitress asks, ‘What about the vegetables?’

Thatcher replies, ‘They’ll have the same as me.’


I don’t care. To me, she was a tyrant but there have been calls by some to erect a statue to her in Trafalgar Square. Why not? Something for the pigeons to shit on.

Still, condolences to her family, but I’m not grieving, or being a hypocrite.

And talking of Trafalgar …

Last year, I spoke of one of those part-work magazines where you had to collect over one hundred issues to build the ship, Sovereign of the Seas. I read about a similar one, this week. For 120 issues, people have paid over £700 on a replica of HMS Victory, which was Nelson’s ship at Trafalgar.

April 13 - De Agostini HMS Victory

The collection has now come to an expensive end. However, it seems there is an error and the ship has a part missing. Hysterical. I don’t recall ever reading that HMS Victory sailed into Trafalgar with a bloody gaping hole in the side. You have to laugh. All that money spent over two years, and it’s wrong.

Recycle, recycle, recycle.

I did a double-take this week on seeing the headline that body parts are being recycled.


However, on closer examination, it appears it is only the metal pins, plates and screws, etc, which are being talked about.

Come on, that’s not exactly body parts, but imagine if we were recycled. What would you like to see people recycled as?

Feb 3 - Iain Duncan Smith

Yes, Iain Duncan Smith as a chair in a jobcentre. Then perhaps he could be of some use to the unemployed.

That’s all folks …

April 13 - That's all folks. Porky Pig

See, new job and all that, told you it would be short.

What do you mean, ‘Thank God?’



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