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Almost three years since I bought tickets for the Hella Mega Tour, I finally got to see Green Day. Two postponements due to Covid lockdowns later, was it worth the wait?

It wasn’t just Green Day on the bill, though, but also Weezer and Fall Out Boy, neither whom I had seen before, despite having several albums. There was also Amyl and the Sniffers with a short set, which I was unfortunately unable to see due to the staff at The John Smith Stadium being unable to cope with a large crowd on the pitch.

Yes, this is a gig review, but I must also mention the venue, this being the worst stadium experience I have ever had. Where on earth did John Smith’s organisers do their research … Hillsborough? Inadequate toilets, about a dozen burger vans and beer tent with hour-long queues to cater for thousands, then the entire pitch’s spectators directed in and out of the same narrow entry/exit. This was a disaster in the making, which thankfully did not happen.

On with the music.

I love Weezer, have always wanted to see them so although I bought tickets primarily for Green Day, Weezer were a delightful bonus. And I was not disappointed. From the moment Rivers Cosmo launched into Hash Pipe, then the brilliant Beverley Hills, the audience were entranced. Pork and Beans and Undone (The Sweater Song) soon followed among many more until ending with Say it Ain’t So and the classic Buddy Holly.

Green Day/Fall Out Boy/Weezer (Hella Mega Tour)—John Smith Stadium Huddersfield —25 June 2022 ©Antony N Britt 2022

There were also two strange choices of covers. Question. Should anyone cover Metalica’s Enter Sandman? Some songs are sacred. Then we had the horror of a cover of Toto’s Africa, a tune second only to Broken Wings by Mr. Mister for its ability to induce projectile vomiting.

But Weezer are a fun band. And a good band. What they do is entertain, and I certainly felt that at The John Smith Stadium.

Then came Fall Out Boy. I can’t say I’m a massive fan. I’ve listened to them but there is always a niggle over what they want to be. A pop band pretending to be rock? The music seems too manufactured for rock audiences at times. And it doesn’t help when your lead singer lacks the stage presence that bassist and chief songwriter, Pete Wentz has.

Green Day/Fall Out Boy/Weezer (Hella Mega Tour)—John Smith Stadium Huddersfield —25 June 2022

But it was a harmless set, with numbers including Sugar We’re Going Down, A Little Less Sixteen Candles, a Little More “Touch Me,” This Ain’t a Scene, It’s an Arms Race and Thnks Fr Th Mmrs. One thing of curiosity; halfway through we had a needless interruption for Fall Out Boy to change their already OTT set for a smaller one with a second drum set on a wobbly wooden house surrounded by cheap picket fencing which looked like a full-size version of a Year 7 Show and Tell Project. FOR NO REASON WHATSOEVER! Then they changed it back after a couple of songs. Bizarre.

But at least we had Green Day to come, although even with them being one of my top bands of all time, I felt short-changed. I’m used to getting nearly three hours of Green Day. Heck, you normally can’t get them off stage. What we had instead was a streamlined 90 minutes which was over before you knew it. I’d have preferred to have Fall Out Boy kicked into touch and give Green Day the extra hour.

But what they did was epic. You had the traditional Drunk Bunny beforehand and then what better opener than American Idiot? Holiday, Know Your Enemy and Boulevard of Broken Dreams followed before an interrupted Longview when Billie Joe Armstrong saw people struggling in the crowd. This was not an isolated incident as I saw evidence of several panic attacks in a poorly segregated arena. There was a further incident which led to an impromptu version of Ziggy Stardust by Billie Joe. It seemed like that anyway as the Bowie song didn’t make an appearance anywhere else on the UK leg of the tour.

Green Day/Fall Out Boy/Weezer (Hella Mega Tour)—John Smith Stadium Huddersfield —25 June 2022 ©Antony N Britt 2022

Welcome to Paradise, Hitchin a Ride, Brain Stew, Basket Case, When I Come Around, the hits kept coming. And there was still room for titans such as 21 Guns, Minority, Jesus of Suburbia and Wake Me Up When September Ends. We also had the staple live outing for King For a Day into the Isley Brother’s Shout. As is normal, a Green Day gig ends with Billie Joe solo for Good Riddance (Time of Your Life) before tickertape and pyrotechnics herald the return of band members Mike Dirnt and Tré Cool alongside touring musicians Jason White, Jason Freese and Kevin Preston. One thing that did disappoint, though; there was nothing played post 2009. Pity to ignore the last five albums.

A great showing from the stars of the show, even if it did leave me wanting more for valid reasons this time. But still, Green Day at least know how to put on a gig. Here’s to many more.


Antony N Britt 

Where do I start with Green Day? One of my favourite bands who I have seen three times previous. And from a hundred or so gigs over the years, those rate as the best. So how would this one cope with the challenge to make it four out of four by the same?

Green Day – First Direct Arena, Leeds – 5 February 2017 © Antony N Britt 2017

Well, from the moment the crowd sang along to Bohemian Rhapsody, then Drunk Bunny ambled onto stage to Blitzkrieg Bop, the excitement heightened. Not that you need to be warmed up for the arrival of Green Day because as soon as Billie-Joe Armstrong runs out and shouts, “Everybody stand up,” a 13,000 audience stands. He says, wave your hands, everybody duly obeys. And not just obey, give themselves freely to this Svengali who also convinces males and females of all ages to stage dive, much to the better judgement of some.

Then we were off. Straight into Know Your Enemy, Bang Bang, Revolution Radio and Holiday. Yes, we had the expected the anti-Trump comments, but also with a message that we were to have no negativity, but joy, love and passion.

Playing half of the recent Revolution Radio album alongside a full back catalogue, Green Day showed not only are they at the top of their game, they never went away.

Of recent songs, my personal favourites were Still Breathing and Youngblood. Then we had the old: Basket Case, Hitchin’ a Ride, Letterbomb, Waiting and She. Of course, there was the obligatory live rendition of King for a Day/Shout, of which no Green Day show should be without. Also well represented was American Idiot with several tracks including the title number and Jesus of Suburbia in the encore.

And what can I say about audience participation. The usual conscript lead vocals on Longview, plus a young girl singing on stage to Know Your Enemy. The biggest wow moment came, though when a young boy was invited to play a few chords alongside the band and was told by Mr Armstrong, “You can keep the guitar.”

So, was this performance up with the rest? Yes, I can honestly say that about a crew who I consider to be the best live band ever.

Green Day – First Direct Arena, Leeds – 5 February 2017



I have to admit to some trepidation when venturing to watch American Idiot. You see, I’m a huge Green Day fan and not only that, the original CD on which this show is based is among my top five favourite albums of all time. And I also enjoy the Broadway Cast version, too, so the event had a lot to live up to

Green Day’s American Idiot – New Alexander Theatre, Birmingham – 13 May 2016

The first disappointment, however, was the audience. I was in the middle circle which was only a third full. Then came the opening. On an impressive set which reflects the theme of the show, American Idiot should have burst into action, blasting me from my seat. It didn’t. The title track was … well, too quiet. I expected the sound to near burst my ears from such a fantastic number, but I was left a little deflated. Now this had nothing to do with the performance, more that I felt the sound people had got it totally wrong. The sound did improve, thankfully, as the show went on, in spite of a further complication when Tunny’s microphone failed to work for the entire of Are We The Waiting.

Now this might sound like a disaster of a show but two things swung it round. The magnificence of the Green Day numbers and the dynamic performance of the cast. After the initial problems, I was soon on the edge of my seat in excited anticipation for each song. Highlights for me were, Letterbomb, Extraordinary Girl, 21 Guns and Homecoming.

Okay, the story on stage is pretty thin and often confusing unless you already know what is going on, but American Idiot is more about bringing the music to life. And the show did just that.

Playing the lead of Johnny was English singer/songwriter, Newton Faulkner who delivered an excellent performance. Former X-Factor finalist, Amelia Lily also shone as Whatsername as did Alexis Gerred and Steve Rushton as Tunny and Will, respectively. The role of Johnny’s alter-ego, St Jimmy was undertaken with power by Lucas Rush. For my visit, two of the cast stepped up in their understudy roles with neither giving anything short of marvellous. Alice Stokoe was perfect in the part of Heather as was Karina Hinds as Extraordinary Girl.

I also have to mention the band of Robert Wicks, Alex Machisone, Tommaso Varvello and Nick Kent who along with Steve Rushton, faithfully reproduced the Green Day magic. American Idiot was directed and choreographed by Racky Plews with musical supervision from Richard Morris.

It’s a testament to a show with regard to how much of an impact it makes on you. I have attended performances where I have left the theatre and not thought a lot about it for a while afterwards. This was not the case regarding American Idiot. For nearly a week, I had the Broadway CD playing in my car, then the original Green Day album, followed by Broadway again.

Yes, American Idiot left it’s mark.

It’s not over till you’re underground.

Green Day’s American Idiot – New Alexander Theatre, Birmingham – 13 May 2016


Catch up time …

Been extremely busy recently. Haven’t had much time for writing but I thought today, I’d focus on a few things observed during the past few weeks.

Food glorious food.

In all the madness of a hectic life, I don’t think I have spoken about the time I had in London when I went to see Green Day at the Arsenal Emirates Stadium in June.

The gig was fantastic. Billie Joe Armstrong is a Svengali. If he told me to dive into the crowd and surf, I would.

July 14 - Emirates Stadium Green Day

You can just about see the band on this pic, but in my defence, has anybody ever taken a good picture at a concert?

As I say, fantastic day, but I wish I could say the same about the eating options courtesy of Arsenal Football Club.

Now you know me and food places, if there is crap to be had, I will find it. Travelling a fair distance and wanting to get to our seats as quickly as possible, I thought we’d sample the stadium cuisine. What an idiot I was. You see Arsenal offer a choice of pizza slices, spicy chicken and … er, that’s it. They didn’t even have chips! What sort of bloody eating establishment doesn’t do chips? Jacket Potatoes, pies? No, just cardboard pizza and (very) spicy chicken.

Arsenal are one of the top Premier League football clubs. However their food is pretty much Non-League.

After the concert, starving with sore throats due to singing along to Green Day, plus too much spicy chicken, we found a McDonald’s in Harringay. Yes, I know it was late but you’d think they’d clear the tables of leftover meals.

July 14 - Emirates Stadium Green Day (2)

Yes, I know it’s blurred, as were my eyes after a long day. However, the picture tells the story. It was disgusting. Not a single empty table without half-eaten burgers of cartons everywhere.

Next time I have a day out in London for a concert at a football stadium, I think I’ll take sandwiches.

Trucking along with Eddie Stobart.

Saw an advert for a new CD. Eddie Stobart Trucking Songs. I never knew Eddie Stobart was in rock band. Oh, I see, they are just using the name to sell CDs.

July 14 - Eddie Stobart Trucking Songs CD

Now if you’ve read some of my more recent roasts, you will know I have a thing about truck drivers and in particular, how they drive on the motorway, taking half an hour to overtake another truck while holding up all of the traffic.


Yes, I know I’ve used that shot a lot recently, but it tells the story.

Still, what songs could a truck driving themed CD consist of?

Anything by the 70s group, Middle of the Road.

Drive Slow – Kanye West

Stuck in the Middle with You – Steelers Wheel.

Road Rage – Catatonia

The album, Learning to Crawl – The Pretenders.

Any more that poeple can think of? I think I’ll stick to my playlist, plus hoot my horn if lorry drivers continue to drive like morons.

Faster and even more Furious Ridiculous.

I had the misfortune to have to go to the cinema recently to see Fast and Furious 6. Now, I admit, it wasn’t my sort of film and I knew this from the off, but I had no choice in what I went to see.

July 14 - Fast and Furious 6

Not only do car chases bore me, I hadn’t seen Fast and Furious 1-5. I like something more in my cinema entertainment, that special ingredient in a film. Namely, a plot.

Take away the high speed chases in Fast and Furious 6 and you’re left with ten minutes. Mind you, easy job for the actors. Let’s face it … not much script to learn.

The whole thing was ridiculous and nothing more so than the final chase. As the baddies are trying to take off on a huge plane, our heroes are after them on the longest runway known to man. I’m not sure how fast a plane has to be to achieve take off but the chase took over fifteen minutes. Therefore, I reckon they’d need a fifty mile runway to make good what the screen portrayed.

What a rubbish trip to the pictures. They don’t make films like Gandhi any more.

Or do they?

July 14 - Ghandi II The Empire Strikes Back

So that’s it.

I don’t know where the days go. As soon as I press click to post this, it will be time to do it all over again. I’m sure as you get older, you lose ten minutes from every hour.



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