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Being only 13 at the time of Marc Bolan’s death in 1977, I never got the chance to see T.Rex live, but I have always been a fan, which is strange because it has taken me until now to experience T.Rextasy.

T.Rextasy — The Prince of Wales Theatre, Cannock — 26 February 2023

Regular readers will know I have only recently entered the world of tribute bands, and even then, when the real thing is no longer accessible. However, I have often heard T.Rextasy being regarded as the best tribute band out there. Then finally, hearing a glowing recommendation a couple of years back from my favourite punk rock poet, Attila the Stockbroker, I decided now was the time.

Wearing my Bolan silhouette t-shirt, I was excited and not disappointed when the time travel journey began and I returned to my pre-teen years with Raw Ramp, followed at once by Electric Boogie. Then came the classic New York City and Token of My Love before one of my own personal favourites, Metal Guru.

T.Rextasy — The Prince of Wales Theatre, Cannock — 26 February 2023

Fronted by Danielz on vocals and Lead Guitar, it is a case of close your eyes and it’s the real T.Rex. However, as Danielz says on the website bio, “No-one can ever take Marc’s place, no-one could ever be that naive. Treat T.Rextasy as a band of today, playing Marc’s music as faithfully as possible and recreating that special energy and performance.” I can’t argue with that. Tremendous. The band has been in existence for over 30 years and completing the line-up were Neil Cross (Rhythm Guitar), Rob Butterfield (Bass) and Phil Wilson (Drums).

In an audience of predominately over 60s, it was hard to get everyone on their feet. Whether this was due to rock gigs being alien to them or just inability because of age (It will come to us all) is anybody’s guess. Still, enough did break into dance to create an appreciative response, although I did move a few feet to my left and stood on the auditorium steps so as not to get in peoples’ way.

T.Rextasy — The Prince of Wales Theatre, Cannock — 26 February 2023

The hits kept coming: Telegram Sam, Ride a White Swan, Children of the Revolution, Jeepster, 20th Century Boy, Deborah, I Love to Boogie, Get it On and many more (as it would say on a 1970s K-Tel advert). The night ended with a rousing and full of audience participation version of Hot Love. The fact I had lost my voice by then said job done.

The only criticism I would have of the night was The Prince of Wales enforcing a no photo/video rule. Come on, this is rock and roll, not a theatre company performing My Fair Lady. Bands don’t have a problem as it’s good publicity for social media. Fortunately, I ignored the rules as usual and got a few clandestine shots.

T.Rextasy — The Prince of Wales Theatre, Cannock — 26 February 2023

But what a fantastic gig. I highly recommend T.Rextasy and will catch them again sooner rather than later. The legacy of Bolan and T.Rex is immense. Over 50 years old and not dated a bit. If a contemporary band wrote and performed this set as new today, nobody would blink an eyelid. But for now, let’s give thanks to Danielz and T.Rextasy for keeping the magic alive.

And also — Keep a little Marc in your heart.

T.Rextasy — The Prince of Wales Theatre, Cannock — 26 February 2023


Antony N Britt

Hollywood comes to the region during May in the form of Singin’ in the Rain at the Prince of Wales Theatre, Cannock.

Singin' in the Rain. Prince of Wales Theatre Cannock. 8th – 10th May 2014.

Based on the MGM musical of the same name, the plot adheres closely to the movie telling the story of how the silver screen found its voice and left silent pictures behind. It focuses on romantic lead, Don Lockwood, sidekick Cosmo Brown, aspiring actress Kathy Selden and Lockwood’s leading lady, Lina Lamont whose high-pitched voice makes her an unlikely candidate for talking pictures. The show features all the numbers from the MGM score including: Good Morning, Make ’em Laugh, You Stepped Out of a Dream and of course, the classic Singin’ in the Rain.

Full of charm, comedy and romance, Singin’ in the Rain is the latest offering from the excellent Aldridge Musical Comedy Society (AMCS). For almost 50 years, AMCS have been delivering quality productions and this is no exception. Staged from Thurs 8th to Sat 10th May (including additional Saturday matinee), tickets can be obtained from the box office on 01543 578762 or by going to www.aldridgemcs.co.uk with the option to book direct from AMCS or online. £12/adult, £10/Concessions and £6/Under 16s.

Singin' in the Rain Cast - 2014


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