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It’s been snow joke trying to walk into town this week.

But finally, the white stuff has all but gone. What I want to know is, how come every road in the borough appeared to have seen a sprinkle of rock salt at some point or other … except mine, that is.

Jan 27 - Snow in Walsall © Antony N Britt

That was after five days and no sign of it being cleared. Hmm … Do you think it might have a little to do with my recent criticism towards the local council? You know, the sort of thing I wrote in this blog, plus about every other Walsall blog, and finally, in a letter to my local paper where I accused the council leader of having a God Complex and failing the people who elected him.

Come on, the letter wasn’t that scathing in the end. I mean, they edited out, sycophantic wankers and total greedy bastards, so I really don’t see the reason for not clearing the snow from my road.

I didn’t mind. The exercise in walking into town did me good. I must have burned numerous calories on my way to get my Full English Breakfast, the other day.

As for the snow, I built my first snowman for nearly 40 years, last Sunday. I thought he’d stop my nosy neighbours peering through the non-existent fence they can’t be bothered to replace.

Jan 27 - Doctor Who Snowman © Antony N Britt

Come into my garden (ha ha!) and I’ll give you nightmares for a week.

And talking of snowmen …

Silliest headline of the week was this one in the Daily Mirror.

Jan 27 - Build a Snowman

Yes, agencies worried about flooding caused by melting snow advised us all to build snowmen.

Really? I’m kind of guessing there wasn’t much going on in the news that day.

A Hazardous game – football.

Football was overshadowed this week by a new sport called, Let’s kick the ball-boy.

Yes, 0-2 down to Swansea and with ten minutes to go, Chelsea player, Eden Hazard tried to retrieve the ball to speed the game up. However, he didn’t reckon on coming into conflict with head-case ball-boy, Charlie Morgan.

January 27 - Hazard

Spoilt brat, Charlie, son of a Swansea City director, reacted first in trying to get to the ball. It was ironic. You see, it was the fastest any of the biased home-based ball boys had moved all night in their attempts to stall for time and basically – cheat.

Charlie was no exception. Instead of simply picking up the ball and giving it back to the nearest player, he dived on it and tried to stop Eden Hazard from getting to it. In frustration, the player aimed a kick at the ball, freed it and tried to resume play. However, our right little Charlie rolled around like … well, like most overseas footballers do when a boot brushing their shin produces a reaction akin to as if they’d been shot.

January 27 - Ball Boy

Hazard was sent off and Charlie, escorted from the pitch for treatment and an Oscar for the best over-acting on a football pitch since Rivaldo went down clutching his head during the 2002 World Cup, despite being hit on the thigh.

Would Chelsea, with eleven men still on the field, changed the result? Probably not. Were the Swansea ball-boys a load of cheating bastards? Most definitely. Still, seeing as it happened to buy yourself a team without working hard for it, Chelsea, nobody is that bothered they lost.

As for Charlie Morgan, he just looked what he is, a right knob-end.

Tweet Tweet …

The Pope caused confusion this week by tweeting in the old-fashioned and outdated, traditional Latin.

Jan 27 - Darth Ratzinger

Yes, Pope during the day and Sith Lord by night, Darth Ratzinger’s tweet was read by millions … and understood by none.

Mind you, it’s about par for the course with any of the other outdated and unbelievable biblical bullshit he comes out with. I took a quick look at his Twitter page and was amused to find that despite having 1.5 million idiots, I mean – followers, Ratzinger follows but eight people, and they are all himself in different languages. Nothing supercilious about that, then. Perhaps he should add a ninth to include Latin for the three people who still speak the language.


It’s common knowledge that if you base anything factual on stuff you read on Wikipedia, you are risking inaccuracy. Even so, I wasn’t, until this week, aware there were deliberate hoaxes.

Fictitious holy people, the name of Julius Caesars assassin, even imaginary wars – they are all, or were, on there.

And look at this one, taken from a current page which you can view right now …

Jan 27 - Katie Price

Yes, Katie Price and the fact it states she’s an author.

See what I mean … fabrications.

A right load of bankers.

Bank of England Chief, Mervin King says bailed out banks such as Lloyd’s and RBS should be allowed to return to the private sector. Great, can the public have their money back? Yes, Mervin, we know you have the title, Sir, but some folk reckon that has to be earned, not just because you’re wealthy. And so you think these banks should be privatised again. Right, because it’s not like they made a complete balls-up last time they were so.

Bit of an own-goal.

No, I’m not on about football again. I’m talking about the BBC and their latest gaffe over the Jimmy Savile paedophile scandal. Not content to allow the man to allegedly abuse hundreds of young girls over 40 years, they re-ran, without checking, a ten-year old kids programme which featured a spoof impersonation of Savile.

Jan 27 - Tweenies Jimmy Savile

The Tweenies. The only thing marginally more creepy than Jimmy Savile.

Jan 27 - Tweenies

And the snow is virtually gone as I speak.

The roads are clear again. The only bad thing is, because the snow on the pavements was so compacted, it is now rock-hard ice and dangerous underfoot. Therefore, we are all walking in the road and risking getting run over by the cars now they can drive again.

Now I’ll see a council wagon down my road, when one hits me.



Things are a little to PCC, over here.

I hardly gave it any notice, I have to admit, but Thursday saw the UK taking part in elections. Who were we voting for? Apparently, police across the UK are now going to get elected chief commissioners to oversee budgets, police priorities and hiring and firing of senior staff.

Sorry … I may need to read that again. No, I wasn’t mistaken, but isn’t that job which the current chief and his half-a-dozen assistants, already employed on around half a million quid a year, are supposed to do?

I find it obscene that in a climate where good, hard working officers are being forced out of their jobs and thousands of civilian workers also face redundancy, this government sees fit to splash out further millions on yet another figurehead for the ivory towers at Police Central.

Take my area in the midlands. Do I want some political ponce who knows fuck all about policing at a cost of £100k a year, or four new recruits at the same price to keep me safe?

What the hell do you think?

Still harping on about the Olympics?

Can’t help it. I saw an advert this week for the official BBC DVD. As you know, I was pretty underwhelmed by the whole thing when it was on. I say well done to all the British who won but still stand by my thought that it was a terrible waste of money, especially as many charities and small arts organisations folded when their lottery funding was removed to pay for the Olympics.

Anyway, the BBC, as well as condoning pedophilia for forty years in the Jimmy Savile case, have now released the DVD of the 2012 games.

That’s it, but if you were hoping for 15 hours of sporting highlights, forget it. Here, you get 7, then another 7 of the ridiculous and irrelevant opening and closing ceremonies.

The BBC never know how to do sport, it’s why they’ve lost to the rights for most of them over the years. Take football. Match of the Day. You get ten minutes of highlights and without fail, two of those minutes are taken up with the commentators droning on as the players warm up and walk on and off the pitch.

I mean. Who wants to see a blooming good goal?

And here’s a blooming good goal.

The latter part of this week, all I have heard about in the media is the wonder goal by Zlatan Ibrahimovic for Sweden against England. Yes, it was a wonderful piece of improvised skill but to call it the best goal ever …? I’m not so sure.

Here we have it, just after calamity keeper, Joe Hart has raced out of his area and made a hash of a headed clearance. Ibrahimovic spins, then does an overhead kick with the ball looping into the empty net to score. As I say, great piece of skill but to me, the best goals occur when there are at least some players and always the goalkeeper, in the penalty area.

A load of junk.

I read the other day that nearly half of the mail delivered in the UK are flyers and leaflets. I can concur with that. My lobby is filled with them. I clear the lot out into the recycling, turn my back and before I know it, there’s bloody more on the floor.

Junk mail – people keep sending it to me. Either that or there is some new breed of genetically engineered beastie which keeps getting into my front porch and shitting paper everywhere.

Send them to the Tower.

I was reading the other day that somebody tried to break into the Tower of London. In true journalistic fashion, The Sun newspaper reported the fact, also telling the tale of Colonel Blood who tried the feat in 1671.

Is it a sign of a writer when all you do is spot grammatical errors? Now I’m still looking for a job and I reckon I could do one for the Sun as a proofreader. Shouldn’t there be a comma in the bottom sentence? Bafflingly isn’t a great word anyway but without a comma, it reads as though King Bafflingly gave the robber a pardon. I never knew we had a King called Bafflingly.

Am I being pedantic here?

No energy going that way.

I read this week that former MP and BBC trust chairman, Chris Patten, also receives a salary of £40k from EDF Energy for taking part in a few meetings a year.

Hmmmm … My money isn’t going EDF’s way in the near future, then.

And following on from pieces told in previous weeks …

I’ve spoken recently about the fact Richard III has been found and dug up. I have also spoken about the vile Jimmy Savile, and the subsequent hysteria which blames him for everything from child abuse to being the Yorkshire Ripper.

Well, scientists investigating the Richard III thingy planned to reconstruct the king’s face but scrapped the idea when a trial run of his likeness produced a possible clue as to his descendants.

Okay, I may have made that one up.

Just read this one.

Some textbook has been introduced to schools in India stating that eating meat makes you lie and commit sex crimes.

This load of bull states God didn’t include meat in his plans so why should we need to eat it?

I find it amazing that anybody can write whatever rubbish they like and claim it to be true. It’s no different over here. In schools in the UK, we have bullshit promoted to our young every day through an official and popular book. It’s called the Bible.

But back to our new police chief.

Bob Jones became the West Midlands new head-honcho the other day in an election which cost the nation £75million, nationally. Still, he can sort out the problems on his £100k salary and try to find out why policing isn’t working. The reason being, the other goons in charge, costing hundreds of thousands themselves, have got rid of a huge amount of experienced officers. When was the last time one of the nobs at Police HQ got the chop to save money?




Okay, let’s catch up a little with what’s been happening in the world.

These past few weeks, I’ve been going on about my own personal calamities so much I’ve neglected what’s currently happening in the news.

Apparently the other day, several billion people woke with the same horrific image in their heads.

Thankfully, Barack Obama won another term and the vision of Mitt Romney in the Whitehouse, was just a mass neurotic nightmare.

And talking of hysteria.

As I said last week, I’m pretty convinced as to some of the allegations concerning Jimmy Savile. However, each day in the paper, some new accusation is leveled against him. If you were to believe papers like The Sun and Daily Star, Jimmy Savile sexually abused every boy and girl under the age of sixteen in the UK for a thirty-year period. Yes, there is hard evidence but let the authorities sort it out – belatedly. All it seems now is these sleazy papers are digging for any sordid story they can with little fact behind them. It’s a pity they didn’t show such journalistic fervour when kids were getting abused all those years ago. The latest scummy headline can be seen here …

Savile was apparently suspected of being the Yorkshire Ripper. What next? I suppose he has Shergar buried alongside him, was also Hitler and Eva Braun’s love child and secretly lead a double life as Lord Lucan.

Come on, let’s just have the truth. Finally.

Cook a proper meal for once, Sir.

Zany TV chef, Heston Blumenthal admitted recently that he puts tampons in his mouth to cleanse his palate.

Could it simply be the case that Heston’s food tastes like body waste?

Whose having a pay-day?

When is our government going to step in and wipe out these legalised loan sharks who offer payday loans? You know the ones. 4,000%APR and up to your eyes in debt after borrowing £10 for a few days. I know each of us is responsible for managing our affairs but these crooks prey on the desperate. They will dish out cash to anybody who asks, regardless of ability to pay back.

Let’s take a look at one as I type.

Wonga …

There you have it. As I write this at 1431 on Saturday, I could have £400 in my bank within 20 minutes. However, one month from now I would be expected to pay the lot back and more with Wonga making £125.48 in 30 days for very little effort.

People – don’t do it. What happens if you cannot repay in time? Late fees, interest … You could end up owing thousands. Did you really need the money that much? Don’t put yourself into debt while making these greedy sharks even richer.

Wonga have now moved into the football market and are current sponsors of Newcastle United. The deal is worth £24million. Unfortunately, Newcastle have to repay £38million in thirty days time.

Only in Birmingham.

Birmingham City Council is having problems because their new £11million automated phone service does not understand Brummie (local accent for those of you who don’t know). The machines cannot recognise some words spoken in the dialect leaving thousands of callers frustrated. The irony is, the system speaks with a Newcastle Geordie accent. Huge own goal for Birmingham Council. But hang on, have you thought of it like this? Perhaps it isn’t the fact the machines cannot understand Brummie; maybe the callers cannot understand the Geordie accent and are therefore saying the wrong things in response.

Whatever happened to Tony Blair?

Saw this one tucked away in the far corner of a paper this week. Tony Blair (aka Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire) is trying to claim the Iraq economy is booming and military intervention got the country back on track.

Yes, you can hide behind that cheesy grin all you like. Iraq really looks like it’s back on track, what with its 100,000+ dead and the place blown to smithereens.

On yer bike!

My God, we know how to treat our heroes in the UK. Good old Bradley Wiggins – Tour de France winner and Olympic gold medalist. How do we repay him for bringing a bit of glory back to this beleaguered land? We go and run him over in a car.

Tattoo You.

No, I’m not talking about the Rolling Stones album of 1981 (In fact, the only Stones on vinyl I ever bought). The headline refers to HMV Music Stores and the news they have banned staff from having long hair and tattoos.

Come on, for years I thought having a tattoo was part of the job description in working for HMV. Now I’ve never been a great fan of body art. I leave that to guests on Jeremy Kyle.

Who … Me?

Yes, you. But as for those working in HMV – leave them alone. It’s what we expect when you walk in the shop. Let’s face it, it’s only rock and roll (and we like it).

Elm Disease?

A woman in Cardiff claims to have cured herself of Crohn’s disease by eating trees.

Yes, after chewing away at chippings, Marlene Barnes says she’s on the mend.

I’ve heard of alternative bullshitting medicine, but this is barking mad (sorry couldn’t resist). I feel like a sap now after that bad joke.

What does the future have in store?

So USA doesn’t have an idiot in charge of their country. I suppose the same could be said over here, even if I don’t agree with Tory policy. Still, it could be worse. What was that nightmare I had the other night, the one about our next PM?




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